DEADLINE EXTENDED: September 30th, 2016 Midnight

THEME: Green

What it is:
Show us green! ASMP Philadelphia loves asking their members to flex their creative muscles and the FOCUS competition is just the ticket. Show us what you got!

What it is not:
A way to show your standard professional work. The Focus Philadelphia book has an editorial reason for existing, so the photos need to generate an aesthetic response from the viewer. Photo buyers respond to seeing personal work, and this is the perfect place to show it.

The Focus Philadelphia competition has transitioned from a hanging exhibition to a beautiful, hardbound book printed by Brilliant Graphics, printers of fine art books. These books are portfolio pieces for participating photographers, and are sent to photo and art buyers throughout the Philadelphia region. We plan to publish a new book every year, which will generate increased awareness of ASMP Philadelphia photographers. Each book will have lasting value as it becomes part of book collections, and will be anticipated by art buyers every year as they look forward to seeing what is in the new edition.

We encourage you to be part of this opportunity. Submit your work to this year’s competition; have your work judged by regional and national photography professionals; join the community of other participating ASMP photographers.


  • Submit up to ten photos created since January 1, 2014.
  • Deadline: February 28th, 2015.
  • No entry fee to the competition.
  • If your work is accepted, the fee to be in the book is $85 per page (one photo per page) *Fee could change closer to deadline*.

About Focus Philadelphia

This competition serves multiple purposes: creativity, community, exposure.

For creativity, it gives photographers an assignment outside of their professional assignments, providing an opportunity to expand their own approaches, try new techniques in new settings, and perhaps to discover an idea that leads back into their professional photography. The interpretation of the assignment is up to each photographer; the variety of responses is part of what makes the experience meaningful.

For community, it provides a means whereby photographers can meet and learn about each others work, and artistic and technological approaches.

For exposure, it provides an opportunity for the work of all photographers, experienced and new alike, to be viewed by a wider audience.

Starting in 2013, Focus Philadelphia’s traditional hanging show was transformed into an art book to provide a lasting way to view the work, and to provide a promotional tool for photographers. Printed by BRILLIANT GRAPHICS, this beautifully produced book showcases the photographs in a permanent collection. The books are sent to photography buyers throughout the region.

For 2015, Focus evolves once again with exciting new goals in mind. Want to be part of the change? Don’t hesitate to contact the Focus Committee Co-Chairs Matt Stanley [email protected] Matt Godfrey [email protected] Felicia Perretti [email protected] or Colin Lenton [email protected]
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