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The Rules

1) Focus Philadelphia is a juried photographic competition that is open to any member in good standing of ASMP/Philadelphia.

2) There is no submission fee for participating.

3) This year’s theme is GREEN

4) Images included in past Focus exhibitions and publications are not eligible. Recent work is encouraged!

5) No more than ten digital files per member may be submitted. Diptychs, triptychs, etc. will count as one image as long as they are all composed together in one file.

6) After judging, selected images will be published in a high-quality bound BOOK and distributed to key photography buyers in the region.

7) Book Fee (prices may vary closer to deadline). If one of your images is selected for inclusion in the book, there will be a book fee currently estimated at $90 to cover printing costs. If two of your images are selected, the estimated fee will be $160. If three of your images are selected, the estimated fee will be $240. If four of your images are selected, the estimated fee will be $320. These fees may change as we finalize book production. For each selected image, you will receive one copy of the finished book.

How to Prepare your Entry

Participants may submit up to ten images with these specifications:

  • Size and Format: JPEG, sRGB, 1900 pixels longest side, each file should be no larger than 3 MB.
  • Metadata to include:
    • Copyright: Copyright (year) Your Name. Don’t use the © symbol
    • Author or Creator: Your Name
    • Title: Title of your image, or the word “Untitled”
  • Name the Files: Rename and number your images in the following manner. Assign a unique four letter prefix of your choice followed by an underscore and a number: Examples: GGFY_01, GGFY, _02, GGFY_03, etc. Do not use ASMP as your four letters.
  • DO NOT include any watermarks as they will immediately disqualify your entry.
  • Do not output sharpen your images!  Our web program automatically sharpens and your image may look over-sharpened while judging.


How to Submit – Deadline is midnight September 30th, 2016

Submission is online only:
1) Send your submissions via www.wetransfer.com to this email: [email protected]

Wetransfer.com is a very simple way to transfer large files.  No fees or registration required.
Go to www.wetransfer.com and Click on Go
on the + sign and navigate to your files.
Add the email [email protected] to the next field
In the next field Add your email address.
Click Transfer

2) Then send a separate email to the same address with the subject line: I’m In Focus

Include this information:

  • Your name
  • Phone number
  • The four letter prefix you’ve used
  • The total number of images sent
  • Copy and paste these terms of agreement into the body of the email:

“I certify that I am a current member of ASMP Philadelphia Chapter.  I have read the submission form and agree to all the terms, conditions and requirements stated.  I certify that the submitted images are original and do not violate the copyrights of any third party and that the creation and publication of the images in the book do not violate any rights of privacy or intellectual property rights of any third parties.  I also certify that I have obtained any necessary releases for individuals and locations represented in the submitted images.  I hereby grant to ASMP Philadelphia the following rights if any of my images are selected for the book,  Focus Philadelphia: 1) the right to reproduce and/or distribute the image(s) for the purpose of publicizing or promoting the Book and/or Focus Philadelphia and/or future Focus Philadelphia competitions;  2) that my payment of the Book Fee will qualify me to receive one copy of the book titled Focus Philadelphia  for each of my photos included in the book; and 3) the right, based upon my paid Book Fee, to publish my photographs in a book , which will be circulated, sold, given away, and/or distributed at the discretion of the board of directors of ASMP Philadelphia. I understand that I retain all other rights to my images.  I indemnify ASMP, the chapter, or other entities and persons involved in the publication of the book in the event of any claims or liabilities.”


    No Twitter Messages.